Body Painting Brushes & Tools

Types Of Brushes To Use

Body painting brushes will come in all different styles & sizes. Over time you will have your favourite ones. Either animal hair vs. synthetic, acrylic handles vs. wooden but more importantly you will find the ones which work best for you.

Angled Brushes - these brushes are shorter on one side, best used for creating one stroke roses, leaves & butterflies. Great for making clean, crisp lines.

Fan Brushes - perfect for helping to achieve unique textures, softening edges & special effects. The bristles are placed thinly giving a wispy effect.

Filbert Brushes - having gently rounded edges is ideal for achieving curves in your work, petals & swirls look amazing with Splitcake Blocks.

Fine / Liner Brushes - great for achieving fine detail & lines.

Flat Brushes - help you cover large areas quickly, perfect for one stroke painting of flowers, leaves & butterflies with Splitcake Blocks. 

Round Brushes - excellent choice for achieving swirls, tear drops & petals. Also used to help fill small areas quickly.