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Devilishly Demon

29th October 2015 Devilishly Demon

We challenged our in store artist Natalie to create a unique Halloween look using all Screenface products and stocked brands. The result?... A realistic, devilish demon complete with prosthetic horns, ears, nose and blooded mouth. In this blog we reveal Natalie’s key steps and a little interview with our artist.


Out of everything Halloween inspired, why exactly this look in particular?

“I chose to create this as it utilised a lot of different techniques and products. I was able to airbrush most of the colour but also incorporate hand detail with the Skin Illustrator. I was also able to use foam pieces and the Watermelon pieces.”


Natalie is one of our ‘SFX experts’, we asked her what it is about SFX make-up she likes so much?

“SFX Make-up just gives you the freedom to create anything, from a Cyclops to fat suit and everything in between. It is so vast and there’s just so much to learn from all the materials, chemicals and products to all the variations of how to use them. Every artist has a slightly different method which I find really interesting.”


Which are your favourite SFX products?

Skin illustrator is the most useful in FX primary colour, blood and bruise. I use this for makeup, silicone props and busts.

Sculpt Gel is so versatile, in that it can create anything from burn scars to fresh abrasions, can be pigmented and used with flocking. The Sculpt Gel moves like skin, very flexible, quick and easy use.

Kryolan Eye Blood for an effect no other product can create and comes in a great range of colours.

Dave Snowman Maekup Extremely Wet to create a wet look without the uncomfortable inconvenience of being actually wet and is also great to create a shine of swelling for instance on a black eye effect. 

Telesis 7 Adhesive this Medical grade, vegan, FDA approved Adhesive is strong and doesn’t need a thinner like Telesis 5.”



Key steps for Demon Inspired Look:

  1. To prepare the skin and hair ensure the skin is cleansed and toned, then protect from any irritant products like adhesives using Kryolan Pro Shield. To allow the bald cap to be as flat as possible, braid the hair.
  2. To apply the Bald Cap first check the size, carefully apply over the hair and once placed, carefully fold it back to apply the Pros Aide. Working in small sections, apply Pros Aide to the hairline with a brush and once this is clear the Bald Cap can be stuck down.  Next, the edges can be blended into the skin with IPA.
  3. To apply all the prosthetic pieces- chin, horns, nose ridge, ear tips use the Kryolan Silicone Adhesive (a Medical Glue). As the nose ridge and chin are Foam Latex, blend these to the skin with Acetone and seal with Liquid Latex applying in an upward motion to fill in any cracks or gaps. Watermelon appliances are used for the horns and ear tips; as these are water-based vinyl, blend them with IPA.
  4. Next Airbrush (why bold?) a white base over the whole head, adding brown and red tones in to build the colour of the Demon. Use a Deep Brown colour for the contour.
  5. Using a stencil made from cutting shapes out of paper, break up the base colours, layering darker colours on the neck and forehead.
  6. To complete this look, finish the eye make-up and add Fresh Scratch in a stippling action to the horns and around the mouth.


Devilishly Demon

Devilishly Demon

Full Product List:


Skin Illustrator Liquids (red/ white)

Mouldlife European aircolours (Yellow/charcoal/black/vein blood/fresh blood)

Kryolan Fresh Scratch (dark)

Bloody Marvellous blood (light/arterial)

Kryolan Airbrush and Mini compressor

Cameleon Baseline (black/white)

Kryolan Eye shadow (deep black)

Kryolan Silicone Adhesive

Pros aide

Illamasqua Mascara (black)

Kryolan Pro Sheild

Kryolan Cine-Wax

Kryolan Contour Pencil (black)

Kryolan Plastic Bald Cap

Micheal Davy Eartips

Awen creations foam latex chin and nose bridge.

Micheal Davy horns (little and large)


Please accept our challenge… We want to see your Halloween looks using your Screenface purchases. Please tag us in your uploads on social media and use the #ScreenfaceHalloween to be in with a chance to win £50 in-store credit. Competition closes on Sunday 1st November, 1 winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday 2nd November.


Devilishly Demon

Devilishly Demon

Devilishly Demon

Thanks to:

MUA- Natalie Wright.

Assistant- Zoe

Model- Rachel

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Devilishly Demon