Watermelon Cap Plastic 118ml

Watermelon Cap Plastic 118ml
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The first water based cap vinyl. After years of making caps with hazardous solvents the era of the "safe" cap plastic has arrived. Water-Melon is superior to standard cap plastic in many ways. Thins with water. Edges dissolve with alcohol, not acetone. No solvent vapors. Water-Melon can be applied directly to the skin like latex and can be slushed into plaster molds like latex. You can make plastic appliances from plaster molds whose edges can be dissolved with alcohol. Makes an excellent encapsulation material for foam gelatin appliances or an ideal skinning material for foam latex or gelatin appliances. Water-Melon can be brushed, sponged, slushed, or sprayed. About 2 oz. can sponge one cap. No respirators needed. 

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