Emani Highlighter & Illuminator

Emani Highlighter & Illuminator
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Emani Highlighter & Illuminator
Emani Highlighter & Illuminator
Emani Highlighter & Illuminator


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Using a Powder or Kabuki brush, apply across high points of face like cheekbones, over or under brows and the Cupid's bow. Sweep towards temples then all over. Apply on top of blush for added shimmer and dimension. For an airbrush finish, after applying with sponge, use a clean powder brush and lightly buff the skin in a circular motion.

A mineral-based illuminator and highlighter for cheeks and all over face

Nourishes skin whilst beautifying Light diffusing to create a flawless finish

Adds a touch of glamour to your makeup routine

Gives skin a sophisticated, prismatic glow in any light

Protects the skin with a physical barrier to environmental skin stressors

Use over bare skin or any foundations

Create an unparalleled soft and radiant finish for skin

Free of DC and FDC dyes

Universally flattering for all skin tones

Entirely free of talc, parabens and fillers

(aprox $44.5374)
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