Dr Paw Paw

ABOUT DR PAW PAW: Dr.PAWPAW products contain a wide range of great ingredients. Instead of telling you about all of them, we picked out the two we thought were extra special, so special that they are used in every single one of our products. 

Carica Papaya (PAWPAW)

The nutrient-rich fruit is full of antioxidants, minerals and also contains vitamins C + B. It helps to aid skin repair, provides anti-inflammatory properties and adds moisture.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

A desert plant with amazing abilities to absorb and restore moisture. It contains more than 200 different plant constituents that promote glowing, youthful looking skin and hair.

Retains and restores moisture to lips, skin and hair.

Bathes skin cells and helps promote skin regeneration.

Helps minimise appearance of pore size.

Excellent ingredient for skin cleansing and toning.

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Shea Butter Balm 25ml
Dr PawPaw
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