Lifecasting Body Parts

Lifecasting  Body Parts
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Lifecasting  Body Parts


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Lifecasting Body Parts 2 Day Workshop


. Product health & safety

. Discuss the difference between alginate and silicone lifecasting techniques

. Prepare your model for lifecasting

. Lifecasting of the face, hand or foot of your model

. Understand the theory of silicone

. Cast your negative mould with silicone


. Clean and prep your positive cast for colouring

. Patching and seaming our piece if necessary

. Understand the theory of skin textures, colours and undertones

. Learn different techniques to replicate a realistic skin texture and tone

This two-day workshop will give you an in-depth insight into the preparation, theory and practical behind lifecasting your model`s body parts such as hands, feet or face.

This course is suitable for beginners as it covers the lifecasting process from start to finish; product health and safety, model preparation, lifecasting, patching, seaming and painting your cast to replicate a realistic skin colour and texture. 

You will pick up invaluable knowledge and skills from industry professionals, perfect for creating your very own props.

Each day is broken down into equal parts of theory and practical, allowing you to understand each step of the process.

Please call the Screenface shop direct to book your workshop or enquire about any details    020 7836 3955 or email

Available Dates.

New dates available 2020

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