Ethnic Beauties-BlackUp Product Range

Ethnic Beauties-BlackUp Product Range
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Ethnic Beauties-BlackUp Product Range
Ethnic Beauties-BlackUp Product Range


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Ethnic Beauties 1 Day Workshop

Black Up invites you to attend our workshop for ethnic beauties. Discover how to use products to enhance your features and define your skintone. Learn, grow and develop your application skills for tanned to dark complexions. Create a natural everyday look that can be easily transformed for the evening by building upon your existing make-up. See the difference Black Up can make as our make up artists reveal their tips and techniques and share our passion for ethnic beauties.

This workshop starts at 11am until 5pm, and are structured with demonstration and practical sessions.

Artist - Black Up Pro Team

Please call the Screenface shop direct to book your workshop or enquire about any details  020 7836 3955  or email

 Available Dates.

New Dates Available in 2020

(aprox $139.1791)
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