Kryolan Diary

Kryolan Diary
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DETAILS: 18.2 cm x 23.6 cm hardcover leatherette                


                        In addition to the Kryolan Calendar we present the Kryolan Diary 2019 in a weekly format with all 12 make-up designs as well as make-up charts, maps, time zones and more information. In the modern world, we find a crossover between reality, simulation and illusion. But when a generation interacts with simulations of reality on a daily basis, do they in fact become a truth? Perception is subjective. We perceive solely based on our senses. Our minds translate that into thoughts. Whether that be an idea, an understanding, confusion, familiarity, love, dislike or neutrality. Most perceptions we form are affected by past experiences or early teachings, something imprinted deep in our minds.
So how much of our perception is predetermined? How often do you look at something twice and see something differently? How much do you accept what you see? How often do you question it?
By exploring light, color, technique and embellishment this 2019 calendar presents you with images, open to your interpretation. It explores our own individual perceptions. We invite you to delve into your own mind. What do you see, and why?                    

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