Arnold Langer - For Beauty's Sake

Arnold Langer - For Beauty's Sake
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Arnold Langer - For Beauty's Sake
Arnold Langer - For Beauty's Sake
Arnold Langer - For Beauty's Sake


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During Second World War, young Arnold Langer makes a brave decision. If he comes home safely from the frontline, he will start his own company. But in 1945, his parental home in Berlin is in ruins and the future is uncertain. His fiancée Waltraud is waiting for him, she studied chemistry just like he did. After the war they marry and Arnold founds Kryolan with a partner. The cosmetics company is now over 70 years old and has conquered the theaters and film sets all over the world with its products. During Berlin’s division in the center of the Cold War, Arnold Langer has to fight against a thousand obstacles. When the Wall is built in 1961, he succeeds in taking over the biggest competitor. From then on things steadily get better. In the seventies, his son Wolfram opens the door to the important US market and thus to Hollywood. Together with his wife Malgorzata, he founded subsidiaries in Poland and India and acquired representations all over the world. Their two sons are in the management and their wives support them in marketing and make-up application. A success story about three generations that began with Arnold Langer's vision. He is now 96 and can look back on a remarkable life with his wife at his side.

Author: Rolf Pflücke                   

(aprox $33.403)
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